“The Love of Christ Jesus”/Proverbs 28, “More Proverbs of Solomon,” XXXV

A Christ Filled Life – Getting To Know Jesus

“Let The Church Say Amen,” Andrae Crouch Featuring Marvin Winans

 “More Proverbs of Solomon,” XXXV, Proverbs 28:26) He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool:  but whoso walketh wisely, he shall be delivered.   27) He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack:  but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse.  28) When the wicked rise, men hide themselves:  but when they perish, the righteous increase. 

John Gill’s Exposition Of The Bible – v26, He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool  Since the thoughts and imaginations of the thoughts of the heart are only evil, and that continually; they are vain and vague, sinful and corrupt; the affections are inordinate, the conscience defiled, the understanding darkened, and the will perverse; there is no good thing in it, nor any that comes out of it, but all the reverse; it is deceitful and desperately wicked: he must be a fool, and not know the plague of his heart, that trusts in it; and even for a good man to be self-confident, and trust to the sincerity of his heart, as Peter did, or to the good frame of the heart, as many do, is acting a foolish part; and especially such are fools as the Scribes and Pharisees, who trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and despised others, when a man’s best righteousness is impure and imperfect, and cannot Justify him in THE SIGHT OF GOD; it is moreover a weak and foolish part in men to trust to the wisdom and counsel of their heart, to lean to their own understanding, even it, things natural and civil, and not to ask WISDOM OF GOD, or take the advice of men, and especially it, things religious and sacred; see ( Proverbs 3:5 Proverbs 3:6 ) ; but whoso walketh wisely;  as he does who walks according to the rule of the divine word; who makes THE TESTIMONIES OF THE LORD his Counselors; who consults with HIS SACRED WRITINGS (THE BIBLE), and follows the directions of Them; who walks as he has CHRIST for his pattern and example, and makes THE SPIRIT OF GOD his guide, and walks after HIM, and not after the flesh; who walks with wise men, and takes their advice in all matters of moment, not trusting to his own wisdom and knowledge; who walks as becomes THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST, and in all THE ORDINANCES OF IT; who walks inoffensively to all men, and so in wisdom towards them that are without, and in love to them who are within; who walks circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time; he shall be delivered;  he shall be delivered from the snares of his own deceitful heart, which he will not trust; and from the temptations of Satan; and from all afflictions and troubles he meets with in the way; and from a final and total falling away; and from eternal death and destruction: “he shall be saved”, as some versions render it, even with an everlasting salvation. The Targum is, “he shall be protected from evil.”   v27,  He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack  That gives alms unto them, relieves them in their distress, supplies them with money, food, or clothes, and does it cheerfully, largely, and liberally, as the case requires; such an one shall not want any good thing; he shall not be the poorer for what he gives; he shall not miss it, nor his substance be diminished; he shall not come to poverty and want, yea, he shall be enriched, and his substance increased, for more is intended than is expressed. Jarchi interprets this of a wise man not restraining doctrine from a disciple, but giving it to him liberally; but he that hideth his eyes;  that is, from the poor, as the Targum and Syriac version add; that does not care to see his person, to behold his miseries, or know his case, lest his heart should be moved with compassion, and should draw out anything from him; see ( Isaiah 58:7 ) . Such an one shall have many a curse;  not only from the poor he hardens himself against, but from other persons, who observe his miserable and covetous disposition; and from THE LORD HIMSELF, WHO Abhors such persons, and Curses their very Blessings now, and will bid them DEPART FROM HIM AS ACCURSED PERSONS HEREAFTER.  v28, When the wicked rise, men hide themselves  When wicked men are raised to places of power and authority, rich men hide themselves, lest they should become a prey to them; and good men hide themselves, that they may not be put to death by them; or as ashamed to behold their evil actions; (See Gill on Proverbs 28:12); but when they perish;  wicked men, either by a natural or violent death; or perish as to their authority and power, being turned out of their places: the Righteous increase;  such who before hid themselves appear, and, being put into the places of the wicked, encourage Truth and Righteousness, by which means the number of good men is multiplied; and which is a great happiness to a nation, and shows the usefulness and advantage that good magistrates are of unto it.


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