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A Christ Filled Life – Getting To Know Jesus


“Sayings of Agur”, Proverbs 30:1) The words of Agur the son of Jakeh, even the prophecy; the man spake unto Ithiel, even unto Ithiel and Ucal,  2) Surely I am more brutish (ignorant) than any man, and have not the understanding of a man.  Psalm 73:22.  3) I neither learned wisdom, nor have the knowledge of the Holy.  4) Who hath ascended up into Heaven, or descended?  who hath gathered the wind in his fists?  who hath bound the waters in a garment?  who hath established all the ends of the earth?  what is His name, and what is His Son’s name, if thou canst tell?  5) Every Word of God is pure:  He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him.  6) Add thou not unto His Words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.  Revelation 22:18.  7) Two things have I required of thee, deny me them not before I die:  8) Remove far from me vanity and lies:  give me neither poverty nor riches, feed me with food convenient for me:  Matthew 6:11.  9) Lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, Who is the Lord?  or lest I be poor, and steal, and take the name of my God in vain.  10) Accuse not a servant unto his master, lest he curse thee, and thou be found guilty.  11) There is a generation that curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother.  12) There is a generation that are pure in their own eyes, and yet is not washed from their filthiness.  Isaiah 65;5; Titus 1;15, 16.  13) There is a generation, O how lofty are their eyes!  and their eyelids are lifted up.  14) There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men.  Psalm 14;4; Amos 8:4.  15) The horseleach (leech) hath two daughters, crying, Give, give.  There are three things that are never satisfied, yea, four things say not, It is enough (wealth).  16) The grave; and the barren womb; the earth that is not filled with water:  and the fire that saith not, It is enough.  Habakkuk 2:5.  17) The eye that mocketh at his father, and despiseth to obey his mother, the ravens of the valley shall pick it out, and the young eagle shall eat it.

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary –  Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – v1, A new section of the Book of Proverbs, begins with the words of  AgurLike Lemuel (31:1-9), Agur was a non-Hebrew contributor to the Book of Proverbs.  He came to faith in the God of Israel in a foreign land.  We know nothing about his father Jakeh, but the word translated “his utterance” may be a place name.  Ithiel and Ucal were probably Agur’s pupils.  Since the back to back repetition of the name Ittiel is unusual, some construe the Hebrew letters differently and translate the text “I have wearied myself oh God; I have wearied myself oh  God, and am consumed.”  This would fit the context of the following verses.  v2-3,  more stupid than any man:  Agur means he was at a loss.  Similarly, his denial of knowledge of THE HOLY ONE is a rhetorical flourish as well.  Agur was stating with dramatic irony that he could not explain the puzzle before him.   v4, This verse gives the riddle that perplexed Agur.  The questions are enigmatic (difficult to interpret).  They culminate in What is His name and What is His Son’s name, If you know?   At this point the riddle has no answer.  The Old Testament would answer that “HIS NAME IS THE LORD GOD, but did not have a NAME FOR HIS SON.  This riddle was to remain unsolved until Jesus Answered it for Nicodemus (see John 3:13).  These Verses are one of the most strait forward MESSIANIC TEXTS IN THE BIBLE.  v5-9, two things:  This was all that Agur needed.  v10,  This Proverb is unusual in warning against slandering a servant.  Slaves in ancient times were often regarded as less than a full person.  v11-16, Agur wrote about a generation plagued by social ills such as lack of respect of parents, self-righteousness, greed, and selfishness.  v17, mocks his father:  The lack of parental respect in v.11 leads to this curse.  The language is strong and violent, as is the punishment of the one who abuses his or her parents.

Matthew Henry’s Concise Bible Commentary – v1-6, Agur speaks of himself as wanting a Righteousness, and having done very foolishly.  And it becomes us all to have low thoughts of ourselves.  He speaks of himself as wanting Revelation to guide him in The Ways Of Truth and Wisdom.  The more enlightened people are, the more they lament their ignorance:  the more they Pray For clearer Discoveries of GOD, and HIS RICH GRACE IN CHRIST JESUS.  In Verse 4, There Is A Prophetic Notice of HIM WHO CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN TO BE OUR ADVOCATE.  THE MESSIAH Is Here Spoken Of As A PERSON Distinct From THE FATHER, But HIS NAME As Yet Secret.  THE GREAT REDEEMER IN THE GLORIES OF HIS PROVIDENCE AND GRACE, Cannot Be Found Out To Perfection (HIS ENTIRETY).  HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR CHRIST, The Foundations Of The Earth Had Sunk Under The Load Of The Curse Upon The Ground, For Man’s Sin.  Who, And What Is THE MIGHTY ONE That Dealt All This?  There Is Not The Least Ground To Suspect Anything Wanting IN THE WORD OF GOD;  Adding to HIS WORDS Opens The Way To Errors And Corruptions.   v7-9, Agur wisely Prayed for a middle state, that he might be kept at a distance from temptations; he asked Daily Bread Suited To His Station, his Family, and his Real Good.  There is a remarkable similarity between this Prayer and Several Clauses Of THE LORD’S PRAYER.  If We Are Removed From Vanity And Lies; If We Are Interested In THE PARDONING LOVE OF CHRIST, And Have HIM For Our Portion; If We Walk With GOD, Then We Shall Have All We Can Ask Or Think, As To SPIRITUAL THINGS.  When We Consider How Those Who Have Abundance Are Prone To Abuse The Gift, And What It Is To Suffer Want, Agur’s Prayer Will Ever Be Found A Wise One, Though Seldom Offered.  (The Food That Is Convenient For One), May Not Be So For Another; But We May Be Sure That Our HEAVENLY FATHER WILL SUPPLY ALL OUR NEED, And Not Suffer Us To Want Anything Good For Us, And Why Should We Wish For More?   Amen.

 More to come and God Bless You. 


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