“Jesus, A Miracle Worker”/Jesus Arrested

A Christ Filled Life – Getting To Know Jesus

“Jesus Arrested”, John 18:1) When Jesus had spoken these words, He went forth with His Disciples over the brook Cedron, where was a garden, into the which He entered and His Disciples.  2Samuel 15:23.  2) And Judas also, which betrayed Him, knew the place:  for Jesus ofttimes resorted thither with His Disciples.  Luke 21:37.  3) Judas then, having received a band (detachment) of men and officers from the chief priests and Pharisees, cometh thither with lanterns and torches and weapons.  4) Jesus therefore, knowing all things that should come upon Him, went forth, and said unto them, Whom seek ye?  5) They answered Him, Jesus of Nazareth.  Jesus saith unto them, I Am He.  And Judas also, which betrayed Him, stood with them.  6) As soon then as He had said unto them, I Am He, they went backward, and fell to the ground.  7) Then asked He them again, Whom seek ye?  And they said, Jesus of Nazareth.  8) Jesus answered, I have told you that I Am He:  if therefore ye seek Me, let these go their way:  9) That the saying might be fulfilled, which He spake, Of them which thou gavest Me have I lost none.  1Peter 1:5; Jude 1.  10) Then Simon Peter having a sword drew it, and smote the high priest’s servant, and cut off his right ear.  The servant’s name was Malchus.  Mark 14;47.  11) Then said Jesus unto Peter, Put up thy sword into the sheath:  the cup which My Father hath given Me, shall I not drink it?  Matthew 20:22. ( This verse is not included in the Gospel of John.  Luke 22;51 And Jesus answered and said, Suffer ye thus far.  And He touched his ear, and healed him.) 

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary – vv1, 2 The Brook Cedron (Kidron) was a ravine between Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives.  vv3, 4 detachment was a cohort of about 600 men, or one tenth of a legion.  Sometimes this Greek word was used for one third of a cohort:  or two hundred men.  These soldiers were probably the experienced Roman troops stationed at the Antonia, a fortress near the temple.  The officers who came with the detachment were members of the temple police under the command of the Jewish council, the Sanhedrin (a legislative body of 71, headed by the High Priest).  vv4, 5 knowing all things:  Knowing He was about to be arrested, Jesus could have escaped, but He did not.  He submitted voluntarily to the ordeal that was ordained by God.  v6 fell to the ground:  For a moment Christ unveiled His Majesty.  His statement of Deity, I Am, manifested such Glory that it literally threw the soldiers to the ground. Hallelujah!  vv7, 8  For the third time in this passage, Jesus claimed to be I Am (vv5, 6)  echoing God’s self-revelation in Exodus 3:14.  let these go:  As He was being arrested, Jesus demonstrated His Love for the Apostles.  vv10, 11 By fighting the guard, Simon Peter exercised his own self-will:  Jesus in contrast voluntarily submitted to the will of God.  cut off his right ear:  Jesus mercifully and miraculously restored the ear (Luke 22:51)  that Peter cut off.

Matthew Henry Concise Commentary – Sin began in the Garden of Eden, there the curse was pronounced, there the Redeemer was promised, and in a garden that promised Seed entered into conflict with the old serpent.  Let us take occasion to meditate on Christ’s sufferings; for Christ was buried also in a garden. 

More to come and God Bless You. 


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